Wizards of the Coast will produce a Day9tv MTG Arena deck series

Fans create chaotic decks for streamers to play in MTG's new Twitch series.

MTG Mythic Invitational Day9 and Brian Kibler
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast continues to break ground in digital gaming with its new Twitch series on Day9tv titled What the Deck. Sean “Day9” Plott (MTG Mythic Championship, streamer, and “Spellslinger” host) will battle special streaming and Magic: The Gathering pros with fan-made decks on MTG Arena.

The new series focuses on fans submitting janky and odd-win condition pre-constructed decks through MTG Arena to see who’s a Magic: The Gathering craft genius. Using cards typically not found in tier one decks, these streamers and MTG pros will put their skills to the test—playing decks not often seen in a competitive format.

Wizards of the Coast is producing the first season of What the Deck that will begin on May 6 and air biweekly for five episodes. Special guests on the roster include MTG Arena streamer Kacem Alexandre “ProfessorNoxious” Khilaji (also known as Nox) and MTG Pro Tour player Brian Kibler. Each week, these three Magic: The Gathering gurus will try to bury one another for nothing more than bragging rights.

The first episode of What the Deck will feature Day9 going up against Kibler. Day9 will play a community-submitted deck with Fblthp, The Lost as its focus, while Kibler attempts to navigate a multicolored deck focused around Niv-Mizzet Reborn.

Fans of Magic: The Gathering can watch the chaos of What the Deck unfold on the Day9tv Twitch channel starting May 6 at 2pm CT. For those who can’t watch the series live, it’ll also be available on VOD and uploaded to Day9tv’s YouTube channel after it airs on Twitch.