Wizards of the Coast cuts ties with Noah Bradley

Bradley admitted to being "terrible to women."

Image via Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast cut ties with artist Noah Bradley today in the aftermath of multiple sexual harassment accusations against Bradley and his own admission to predatory behavior this past weekend.

In a statement issued Monday, Wizards said it will no longer commission artwork from Bradley and will remove his art from future reprints.

“Wizards is committed to nurturing a safe and fun environment for all in its community and does not tolerate abusive behavior or harassment,” the company said in a press release.

This announcement comes after several women on Twitter shared stories of Bradley’s alleged predatory behavior. Concept artist Betty Jiang posted the initial accusation on June 20, saying Bradley “went around groping female devs, and ended up having his face bit after trying to pour drinks down the throat of a girl whose already very intoxicated.”

Following Jiang’s tweet, women from around the art industry shared their experiences with sexual harassment. Several other women also shared their stories about alleged predatory experiences with Bradley.

The next morning, Bradley issued a statement on his Twitter admitting to predatory behavior.

“I was terrible to women,” Bradley said. “I preyed on them. I ceaselessly hit on them. I pressured them into sex. I got too drunk and did all manner of dumb things. Yes, I was one of those shitty, creepy sexual predators you hear about.”


Wizards said that due to the long timeframe from commissioning art to printing products that Bradley’s art will appear in products currently on the schedule to be released.

Noah Bradley’s work has been featured in recent standard sets. In the most recent set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, Bradley is credited with the artwork for Unpredictable Cyclone, Song of Creation, and Indatha Triome.