What are MTG adjusted match points and how do they work?

Earn invites to future Pro Tour events via accrued adjusted match points.

Image via WotC

Wizards of the Coast has introduced a points system called adjusted match points, allowing Magic: The Gathering players who compete at Pro Tour tournaments an opportunity to qualify for future invitations.

A total of three Pro Tour tournaments will take place during each Magic season, with players earning invites via Regional Championships across 11 regions, top-four finishes at a World Championship, Magic Hall of Fame, and through top performances at a previous PT. Adjusted match points (AMP) is a point system that tracks performances at Pro Tour tournaments.

The MTG adjusted match point system rewards players who perform consistently well at the highest levels of competition. It provides an opportunity for players to return to a Pro Tour based on previous PT results without having to grind through Regional Championships for the next season. These points reward players for solid performances at a Pro Tour event and are tracked on a rolling basis over the course of the previous three PT events played.

A player’s first three wins at a Pro Tour tournament will provide a total of nine match points. Each match win equals three points at a Magic PT tournament, draws result in one match point, and a loss equals zero match points. Adjusted match points essentially equal a player’s total match points earned at a Pro Tour after the initial nine. 

All players who reach the top eight at a PT earn an additional 12 adjusted match points. Players who accrue a total of 39 adjusted match points from their previous three PT tournaments automatically qualify for the next Pro Tour. 

Adjusted match points accrued throughout the 2022-2023 season will also provide players an opportunity to qualify for the MTG World Championship XXIX. The top 32 players with the highest AMP will receive an invite, along with all players who are tied at 32.