Top Magic pros go 10 wins in Arena Mythic Point Challenge

BBD, Nelson, Carvalho, Orange, and Cifka are just a few players who earned 10 wins today.

Mythic Championship VII Day Two Players and Metagame
Screengrab via WotC Magic The Gathering Twitch channel

With Mythic Points on the line, the best Magic: The Gathing players from around the world came prepared for today’s MTG Arena Mythic Point Challenge. 

Wizards of the Coast hosted its first MTG Arena Mythic Point Challenge today, rewarding top players with Mythic Points. Added to the Magic esports schedule in the December update as a way to promote top MTG Arena gameplay while earning Mythic Points, WotC left it up to individual players to stream matches today. And as of writing, standings have yet to be updated on the Magic esports website

But several MPL, Rivals, and other competitors today have posted their wins on Twitter, giving fans a small glimpse of who finished off the day with 10 wins. 

Amongst the 10 win players that we know of were MPL players like Brian Braun-Duin, Stanislav Cifka, and Brad Nelson. Also earning 10 wins were players such as Greg Orange, Corey Burkhart, Ken Yukuhiro, Márcio A Carvalho, Matthew Nass, Chris Kvartek, Crokeyz, and Luis Scott-Vargas. Oliver Tiu and Frank Karsten also had solid finishes, with records of 9-3 and 8-3.

Automatically invited to the tournament were MPL and Rivals League players. And competing with them were players who finished in the top 1,200 of Mythic Rank of either Constructed or Limited within MTG Arena during Throne of Eldraine Season 1 (October 2019), Season 2 (November 2019), Season 3 (December 2019), or Theros: Beyond Death Season 1 (January 2020).