Tolarian Community College raises over $100,000 for Trans Lifeline in 24 hours

The Magic community came together to support the cause.

Image via Trans Lifeline

Over $100,000 was recently raised for Trans Lifeline in 24 hours thanks to a fundraiser started by Magic: The Gathering YouTube channel Tolarian Community College.

Brian Lewis, known as The Professor, started a giveaway yesterday in support of Trans Lifeline, a nonprofit organization that provides support to transgender people in crisis.

Lewis is giving away two booster boxes of Double Masters to one doner. Entry required donations to Trans Lifeline in multiples of four. The giveaway ends at 8pm CT on Feb. 27.

Within hours, the giveaway exploded in the Magic community. Notable creators like Josh Lee Kwai of The Command Zone and Saffron Olive of MTG Goldfish offered additional prizes if the fundraiser hit a target goal. Many more content creators and card game companies joined in to offer prizes.

The fundraiser sits at $109,042 raised right now and is rapidly nearing the $120,000 goal.

According to the Trans Lifeline website, $1,800 funds the hotline for a day. With the amount raised, Trans Lifeline could be funded for almost a month. This includes the cost of providing peer support for trans people or assisting with legal fees.

You can support the fundraiser and join the giveaway by going to the donation page.