The 5 best Regenerate cards in Magic: The Gathering

Regeneration is a temporary but powerful effect which allows you prevent imminent creature death.

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Regenerate cards in Magic: The Gathering allow you provide a temporary defensive mechanism to creatures you control, preventing their destruction and allowing you to continue the battle.

This powerful effect is found on three color cards mostly: white, black, and green. While black is notorious mostly for aggressive decks and might not find a lot of use for this type of effect, white and green can build ramp-up decks and use this effect to protect the most powerful creatures with ease.

Here are the best Regenerate cards in MTG.

Welding Jar

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Welding jar is a zero-cost card, which gives you a great artifact regeneration ability. You don’t have to pay any additional cost to activate this amazing effect, giving you the opportunity to use it whenever you need it without thinking about your mana. When combined with other cards, it can be a great source of artifact regeneration throughout the entire duration of the match.

Loxodon Hierarch

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A four-cost creature, Loxodon Hierarch stands strong with his abilities and stats. When he enters the battlefield, you’ll get four health. On top of great 4/4 stats, he can be sacrificed to regenerate all other creatures, making him one of the best picks in the later stages of the game.

Yavimaya Hollow

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Yavimaya Hollow is a legendary land card, allowing you to add mana every turn for free. On top of that, you can pay one green mana to regenerate a target creature. The most powerful aspect of this card is that it can regenerate any creature unlike others who can only do so to a certain subtype.

Debt of Loyalty

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Debt of Loyalty is a three-mana cost card which allows you to regenerate and gain control of a certain creature. You can turn the tides of battle around with this cheap spell, which is instant and allows you to negate attacks as well. While you might find some uses for your own creatures for the regeneration part, it’s better to be used on enemy creatures to take control of them.

Dawn Charm

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Dawn Charm is a no-cost instant and flexible spell, giving you the possibility to either prevent all combat damage, regenerate a certain creature, or counter the spell that targets you. While Regenerate is the key aspect which might be of your interest, its flexibility allows you to include it in a multitude of decks.