The 5 best Fetch lands in Magic: The Gathering

These cards sacrifice themselves to pull other land cards from your deck.

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Fetch lands in Magic: The Gathering allow you sacrifice the card to pull other lands from your deck, giving you the ability to quickly adapt the board to your hand’s mana costs.

With the help of these cards, you can create a deck with a variety of mana costs without having to worry about getting a perfect draw to play them. You can easily attain the mana cost you’re missing to play your most powerful creatures. While these cards might have a small downside of a health cost or entering the battlefield tapped, which requires you to wait until next turn, they’re worth it in the long run.

Here are the best Fetch land cards in MTG.

Prismatic Vista

Prismatic Vista MTG Modern Horizons
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Prismatic Vista enters the battle untapped and can be sacrificed for one health to search your library for a desired land. The biggest benefit of this card is that the newly arrived land will arrive untapped and can be used immediately to fund the spells or creatures you want to play.

Evolving Wilds

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Unlike Prismatic Vista, Evolving Wilds has no additional cost and can be freely played. One big downside is that the land will come tapped and you need to wait one turn before you play it.

Blighted Woodland

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Blighted Woodland is a flexible Fetch card, giving you the possibility to add one non-colored mana to your pool or pay four mana to sacrifice it and Fetch two land cards tapped. While it’s one of the most expensive Fetch cards, it allows you to search for the same type of land or two different ones to ensure you have the resources to play other cards.

Fabled Passage

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Fabled Passage is a simple Fetch land card with a huge upside towards the mid stage of the game. While it can be easily played early on to find a desired land, it will be played on board tapped. But if you have four or more lands, the land will be untapped, allowing you to use it instantly.

Thawing Glaciers

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Thawing Glaciers is a great late-game card. It allows you to replay it and Fetch the required lands every two turns. Unlike other cards that are sacrificed, Thawing Glaciers remains in your hand and can be used to snowball the board.