The 5 best Elves in Magic: The Gathering

Elves are squishy creatures with powerful mana ramp and other effects.

Zendikar Rising Nissa
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

Elves are elusive and weak creatures that focus on giving you mana ramp and other powerful effects in Magic: The Gathering.

While not as impactful as other types of creatures when you play them on board, they’ll pay off the longer the game goes. There are a lot of Elves printed over difference expansions, but we picked five of the most impactful ones in the list below.

Here are the best Elves in MTG.

Elvish Archdruid

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Elvish Druid is a cheap three-mana card which can pay off its mana cost if you have a wide board. The +1/+1 buff to your Elf creatures is great considering how squishy most of them are. On top of that if you pay one mana, you can gain one green mana for each Elf you control, making it an impactful card the more Elves you control.

Heritage Druid

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This one-mana cost is one of the best draw engines in the game. Heritage Druid allows you to tap Elves to gain up to to three green mana, giving you the possibility to run away with the game if you have at least a couple of Elves on board. You can bait a lot of removal with this card to ensure that your main creatures in your deck can be played without hesitation.

Gyre Sage

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Gyre Sage is as a cheap two-mana card that allows you to evolve when you play a stronger creature than her 1/2 statline. If the game goes long enough and this creature remains uncountered, it can easily grow out of control. One of the best side-effects is that you can add green mana for every +1/+1 counter, making this creature a ticking time bomb if you have the right creatures to evolve her.

Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury

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Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury can quickly overwhelm your opponent with her 1/1 Elf Druid token with an effect to give you green mana. But you can use her in other ways as well, to destroy a certain artifact or enchantment which is proving to be hard to overcome or refill your hand if you control a wide board of green creatures.

Ezuri, Renegade Leader

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A three-mana cost legendary creature, Ezuri, Renegade Leader easily makes up for his cost. If you have Archdruid on the board, you can tap a lot of mana to regenerate other Elves on the board to ensure they’re out of harm’s way. The five-mana ability can bolster your Elves to end up as a finishing move for your opponent if you have spare mana.