The 5 best Dragons in Magic: The Gathering

Dragons are some of the most powerful creatures in MTG.

Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Everyone loves dragons in any game, and Magic: The Gathering is no exception.

Dragons provide powerful abilities and stat lines, making them a great addition to most decks in the game. There are various Dragons in MTG, some with cheap and simple effects while others boast expensive and game-changing abilities.

Here are the best dragons in MTG.

Dragonlord Dromoka

Image via WOTC

Dragonlord Dromoka is one of the best legendary dragons even without having a game-changing ability. It helps shape up control decks reliant on spells since its effect prohibits the opposing player from casting spells during your turn, allowing you to do whatever you please without being countered.

Utvara Hellkite

Image via WOTC

Utvara Hellkite is one of the best Dragons in the game, however it costs eight mana to play. It allows you to produce more Dragons as long as you have some to attack with. It is a game-changing card, allowing you to get a wide board in the blink of an eye and overwhelm your opponent with 6/6 Dragons.

Savage Ventmaw

Image via WOTC

Savage Ventmaw is an expensive six-mana Dragon that gives back that mana once you attack with it. With the statline of 4/4 and Flying, it should be able to deliver its attack. Aim not to waste the six mana on it unless you are sure that your opponent can’t counter it. Another way to benefit from this card is to buff it with Haste so that it can immediately attack and give you the mana back.

Scion of the Ur-Dragon

Image via WOTC

Scion of the Urn-Dragon is one of the best Dragon-tribal Commander options. The five-mana cost requiring five different resources allows you to put it in any Dragon-themed deck you want. For only two mana, you can convert Scion into a copy of a Dragon from your library, giving you the ability to take over games by finding the correct answer to your opponent’s board until the end of the turn.

Lathliss, Dragon Queen

Image via WOTC

Lathliss, Dragon Queen is one of the best Legendary creatures in the game for a Dragon-themed deck. You can overwhelm your opponent with 5/5 Dragons by playing nontoken Dragon units. While the effect of creating additional Dragons is strong, the two-mana cost effect to buff up your Dragons until the end of the turn is a great way to take over games if you have a wide board.