The 5 best Artifact Equipment cards in Magic: The Gathering

These cards will empower your creatures with various effects.

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Artifact Equipment cards in Magic: The Gathering enchant your creatures or can work by themselves. They are usually colorless and fit into any deck as long as you are ready to pay an Equipment cost.

While some Equipment cards provide simple bonuses such as durability and power increases, others provide useful effects to boost your army. Any weak creature can become an unstoppable machine when equipped with the proper Artifact.

Here are the best Artifact Equipment cards in MTG.

Sword of Body and Mind

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Sword of Body and Mind is a three-cost Artifact, granting the equipped creature +2/+2 alongside protection from Green and Blue. When the creature deals damage, you create a 2/2 token and force the player to discard 10 cards, making this a potent pick against decks that rely on combo cards.

Masterwork of Ingenuity

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Masterwork of Ingenuity is one-cost with a variable cost to equip due to it copying any Equipment on the battlefield. You can copy either your Equipment or your opponent’s, making this a very flexible card depending on board state. In case the enemy Artifacts are protected by some effects, Masterwork of Ingenuity bypasses them, allowing you to copy them regardless.

Lightning Greaves

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Lightning Graves is a two-cost Equipment card granting a desired creature Haste and Shroud. The zero-mana cost to equip allows you to use it whenever you want to unleash a huge amount of damage without fear or being countered by spells. You can move the Artifact from one creature to another without issues due to its mana cost.


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Skullclamp is an Artifact with a one-mana cost to play and one-mana cost to equip. It allows you to draw a lot of cards by suiciding your units with the +1/+1 effect. This is one of the best two-mana draw mechanisms, allowing you to refill your hand with ease. Opponents will have to think twice before stopping your unit with this Artifact, since its death will give you two cards.

Sword of the Animist

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Sword of the Animist is a two-cost card to play requiring two mana to equip. You can search your deck for lands every time you attack with a creature with it equipped, making this card a great draw engine for ramping decks, that want to build up a lot of land.