Scaled Up packet brings Hardened Scales to Historic in Jumpstart: Historic Horizons

Grow the ranks.

MTG Hardened Scales
Image via WotC

Hardened Scales is coming to Historic alongside a package of +1/+1 counters support cards in Magic Arena’s Jumpstart: Historic Horizons set running from Aug. 12 to Sept. 9

Dot Esports received an exclusive look at Scaled Up, one of 46 packets in Historic Horizons. Each lightly randomized packet is a part of the Jumpstart Limited gameplay. 

The Scaled Up packet is highlighted by Hardened Scales. The one-mana enchantment is a staple in +1/+1 counters decks. These decks aren’t at the top of Historic at this point, but the inclusion of Hardened Scales could change that.

Image via WotC

Hardened Scales is an all-around useful card that will be played in many Green decks. Even in a deck not focused on counters, there are enough +1/+1 counters in the format that Hardened Scales will rarely be a dead card.

The packet contains eight cards from Modern Horizons, including Wren’s Run Hydra, Herd Baloth, and Myr Scrapling.

Here’s the full Scaled Up card list, including drop percentages.

  • Slot one: Myr Scrapling (34 percent), Servant of the Scale (33 percent), Snakeskin Veil (33 percent).
  • Slot two: Duskshell Crawler (100 percent). Gnarlid Colony (25 percent), Guardian Gladewalker (25 percent), Pollenbright Druid (25 percent).
  • Slot three: Deepwood Denizen (50 percent), Trufflesnout (20 percent), Oran-Rief Ooze (30 percent).
  • Slot four: Veteran Charger (100 percent).
  • Slot five: Sabertooth Mauler (100 percent).
  • Slot six: Bannerhide Krushok (100 percent).
  • Slot seven: Herd Baloth (50 percent), Iridescent Hornbeetle (50 percent).
  • Slot eight: Wren’s Run Hydra (100 percent).
  • Slot nine: Hardened Scales (100 percent).
  • Slot 10: Smell Fear (34 percent), Titanic Brawl (33 percent), Hunters Edge (33 percent).
  • Slot 11: Scale Up (25 percent), Invigorating Surge (25 percent), Inspiring Call (25 percent), Wild Onslaught (25 percent).
  • Slot 12: Vastwood Fortification (100 percent).

For the cost of 2,000 gold or 400 gems, players can pick two packs, combine them together, and play some games.

Aside from the Limited gameplay, Historic Horizons introduces over 300 cards into Historic from Modern Horizons, Modern Horizons 2, and 31 new-to-Magic digital-only cards.

Veteran Charger is a new card that perpetually gives a Creature in hand +2/+2. This is a solid buff that comes with a 2/2 body that will probably get bigger in a +1/+1 counters shell.