Red Bull Untapped returns to MTG Arena in 2020

Compete for a chance to play at a major 2021 MTG tournament.

MTG Arena Red Bull Untapped 2
Image via Red Bull and WotC

Wizards of the Coast has partnered with Red Bull once again for a second Untapped tournament, featuring 16 MTG Arena qualifiers and a $200,000 total prize pool. 

Red Bull Untapped is returning to the competitive Magic: The Gathering scene in 2020, offering 16 MTGA qualifiers worldwide for a chance to earn one of 16 seats at the finals on Nov. 1. The first six qualifiers can be found here, starting with an international tournament on May 16. 

There’s no entry fee to compete in the Red Bull Untapped Arena qualifiers, but beware of the competition. Magic Pro League players, select content creators, and top pros from around the world have been invited to compete. 

Each Untapped qualifier will run for two days and is played in a best-of-three Standard Swiss format. The winner of each qualifying tournament earns a seat at the Nov. 1 finals. Players who place in the top-four are eligible for a slice of the $5,000 total prize pool, gems, and Magic Arena booster packs.

A total of 16 players will compete in the finals where the first-place finisher will be rewarded with a seat at a 2021 major MTG tournament and a piece of the $75,000 total prize pool. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WotC and Red Bull are working with local health and government officials to determine the best course toward hosting a safe tournament in November for the finals.

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