Play Theros: Beyond Death Metagame Challenge and win up to 30 booster packs

Craft a solid deck and win big.

MTG Theros Beyond Death Release
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

With the release of Theros: Beyond Death in MTG last week, the Standard Metagame Challenge returns to MTG Arena.

Players can put their THB deckbuilding skills to the test this weekend and earn up to 30 booster packs in the Standard Metagame Challenge. The event will run from Jan. 24 to 27 with an entry fee of 2,000 gold or 400 gems. The price to play is well worth it and players can recoup their entry fee with just three wins.  

  • Zero wins: 500 gold
  • One win: 1,000 gold
  • Two wins: 1,500 gold and one THB booster pack
  • Three wins: 2,000 gold and three THB  booster packs
  • Four wins: 2,500 gold and five THB  booster packs
  • Five wins: 3,000 gold and 10 THB  booster packs
  • Six wins: 4,000 gold and 20 THB  booster packs
  • Seven wins: 5,000 gold and 30 THB  booster packs

The THB Standard Metagame Challenge is played in a best-of-three tournament format. Players can show off their sideboard skills, too. But with the meta still uncertain, it’s the perfect opportunity for competitors to surprise their opponents and think outside the box.

Players with a record of 7-1 will earn 30 THB booster packs, valued at around $25, and 5,000 gold. But losing one best-of-three match means it’s game over. There isn’t a restriction on how many times a player can enter the MTG Arena Metagame Challenge event, however, as long as they have the entry fee.