Omnath decks take over MTG 2020 Grand Finals top 8

Two rogue decks managed to perform well.

Mythic Championship VII Day Two Players and Metagame
Screengrab via WotC Magic The Gathering Twitch channel

The field of 32 in the Magic: The Gathering 2020 Grand Finals tournament is down to eight of the best Magic players in the world after 12 Swiss rounds of Standard and Historic Constructed.

The top eight begins on Oct. 11 at 11am CT in Standard Constructed. All matches are best-of-three games with the final match as a best-of-three match series. Here are the players that are playing in the top eight and their Standard decks:

  • Austin Bursavich: Omnath Ramp 
  • Seth Manfield: Dimir Rogues
  • Autumn Burchett: Gruul Adventures
  • Emma Handy: Gruul Adventures
  • Aaron Gertler: Omnath Adventures
  • Patrick Fernandes: Omnath Adventures
  • Gabriel Nassif: Omnath Adventures
  • Raphael Levy: Omnath Adventures

Standard is predictably dominated by Omnat, Locus of Creation, a centerpiece in six top-eight decks. But it was the two non-Omnath strategies that captured the attention of fans and casters alike. Seth Manfield, who earned his spot in the top eight during round 10, had success running Dimir Rogues. His Rogues list leaned more into a control archetype over the typical aggressive builds. Autumn Burchett and Emma Handy found success with their Gruul Adventures list throughout the tournament. 

The Historic metagame was more diverse but will not be played during the top eight. Jund Sacrifice, Omnath Ramp, Neostorm, and Four-Color Midrange all had strong performances making for some of the most entertaining games of the tournament.

Catch the 2020 Grand Finals top eight on Oct. 11 starting at 11am CT on Magic‘s Twitch channel.