New MTGA tracker enlists Magic pro LSV for Arena draft helper

Learn from a hall of famer and rank up the Limited ladder.

Purphoros Bronze Blooded Theros Beyond Death MTG
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

Veteran Magic: The Gathering player Louis Scott-Vargas has partnered with MTGA Assistant to provide helpful tips for players drafting in MTG Arena

A new Magic app that tracks a player’s collection and offers draft advice from MTG pro LSV is officially launching today. The app, created by MTGA Assistant in conjunction with Overwolf, mostly offering features that have been seen before. But in addition to the minimalistic interface and deck tracker, the app provides drafting tips and card ratings from one of the best Magic players in the world.

Inducted into the Magic Hall of Fame in 2013, LSV is the co-captain of Team CFB and has a seat in Magic’s Rivals League for the 2020 partial season. While performing at the highest level of competitive Magic play in Constructed and Limited formats, LSV has won five Grand Prix tournaments throughout his career and has finished in the top-eight at PTs 10 times, winning one. 

LSV is considered one of the best Magic players of all time by his peers and fans, so players seeking to improve their Limited gameplay can learn a thing or two from him. With the app installed, players can view a list of the possible cards to draft in Arena Limited Draft via the upper left-hand corner of their screen. Hovering over a card name opens a box with tips and card ratings written by LSV. 

There are other MTG tracking apps in existence, but this is the first to offer drafting advice from a veteran. Players can download the app and check out advice from LSV right away in Magic Arena, competing in either THB Ranked or Traditional Draft.