MTG’s Mythic Championship VI Standard metagame is broken

Food, Food, and more Food.

MTG Mythic Championship VI Trophy
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The metagame at Mythic Championship VI is breaking records and solidifying Oko, Thief of Crowns into the Magic: The Gathering history books of how not to design a planeswalker. Around 70 percent of the field at this weekend’s tournament is playing some variation of a Food deck. 

Everyone knew Oko would dominate Standard following the ban on Field of the Dead just after Mythic Championship V. But Wizards of the Coast wanted to ride the wave, waiting to see how the face of Throne of Eldraine would change the Standard metagame. And the decision to wait has produced some of the most unprecedented metagame numbers in the history of Magic at Mythic Championship VI. 

MTG Mythic Championship VI Metagame
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Over 63 percent of the decks being played at MCVI are Food and 69 percent of the field is playing Oko in either the main deck or sideboard. Of all the cards at Magic’s final tabletop tournament of the year, the top seven most-played are all Green. 

  • Once Upon a Time: 1,397 copies
  • Gilded Goose: 1,382 copies
  • Oko, Thief of Crowns: 1,373 copies
  • Wicked Wolf: 1,339 copies
  • Paradise Druid: 1,338 copies
  • Nissa, Who Shakes the World: 1,282 copies
  • Hydroid Krasis: 1,233 copies

There are a handful of decks that stand a chance of dominating over the Food decks rounding out the bottom of the meta. But players with those archetypes will have to make it to day two if MCVI stands a chance of being anything other than mirror matches. 

Day two of ELD Limited Draft at Mythic Championship VI kicks off tomorrow at 8am CT.

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