Orders canceled, fans enraged in disaster-filled MTG War of the Spark Mythic Edition release

Chaos gripped the MTG community with rejected Mythic Edition orders

Gideon Jura MTG War of the Spark planeswalker and fallen hero
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering released the limited (12,000 boxes) War of the Spark Mythic Edition, only to apparently botch the release, causing customer orders to be rejected and sales on Hasbro’s eBay report over 30,000 sold.

The limited War of the Spark Mythic Edition box began selling promptly at 2pm ET today, with Hasbro’s eBay noting the units were sold out in just over five minutes. Not everyone got their product, however, with many customers saying on Reddit and Twitter that their orders were canceled.

Magic: The Gathering responded on Twitter almost an hour after sales began, saying they would update fans regarding orders as soon as possible.

Somewhere between the launch of sales and Magic: The Gathering Twitter post, YouTuber Desolator Magic hit the refresh button on eBay and discovered Hasbro’s eBay was selling War of the Spark Mythic Edition boxes after claiming they were all sold out.

According to screenshots taken by Desolator Magic, a total of 35,784 War of the Spark Mythic Edition boxes were sold despite Magic: The Gathering specifically marketing only 12,000 available units.

Meanwhile, complaints continued to show up on Reddit. Several customers claimed they purchased the Mythic Edition box, had the order canceled, and when they went to re-order, they were told the item was sold out.

Others reported their order showed “payment processing,” then received notifications stating “order not successful.” When they attempted to re-order the box, either the same issue happened or Hasbro’s eBay reported the units were sold out.

As to what actually took place is still a mystery. Wizards of the Coast and Magic: The Gathering has yet to release any statements regarding the disaster. If over 35,000 units were sold and only 12,000 were printed, the disaster has really just begun.

Stay tuned for additional information regarding the War of the Spark Mythic Edition box sales.