MTG Unfinity Main Event Horizon delivers situational board wipe with -un set flair

It's time for the main event.

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Magic: The Gathering’s newest addition to the -un series of sets is throwing players into an intergalactic carnival full of space thrills.

Unfinity continues the -un series, a group of sets led by game designer Mark Rosewater that is filled with wacky designs and humorous cards intended to be legal in any other formats. Unfinity is a Limited-focused set that brings signature flair and goofiness in a ridiculous space theme.

The key difference between Unfinity and previous sets in the series is the inclusion of eternal-legal cards. Gone is the old silver border treatment. Instead, all cards are black-bordered like regular Magic cards. Cards that are legal in eternal formats like Legacy, Commander, Vintage, and Pauper will have the normal foil stamp at the bottom of the card.

Cards that are not legal in any format will have an acorn foil stamp at the bottom of the card. These cards are only legal in Unfininty Limited, but can be Rule 0’d into Commander games.

The Dot Esports exclusive preview card courtesy of Wizards of the Coast is a situational board wipe that cares about the first letter in a card’s name.

Main Event Horizon

Image via WotC
  • Mana value: 3WW
  • Type: Sorcery
  • Rarity: Rare
  • First ability: As an additional cost to cast this spell, choose A through M or N through Z.
  • Second ability: Destroy each Creature whose name begins with a letter in the chosen range.

Main Event Horizon is a quintessential -un card that refers to meta aspects of the game. Some of the most interesting cards in the set are ones that play with card text or turn card art into a mechanic. Unfinity is packed with these kinds of cards and Main Event Horizon is another one.

This is a conditional board wipe that’s surprisingly effective, even as an acorn card. Unfinity Limited won’t be as serious as other sets, meaning some cards will be wildly unbalanced and inefficient—but that’s part of the fun. There’s no guarantee this will clear the opponent’s battlefield.

Generally, it’ll be best to choose the range that hits the most important targets. If you need to stabilize, then choose the range that destroys most of the creatures. But if the opponent resolves their big Mythic Rare, it won’t be a bad idea to use Main Event Horizon to get rid of it.

Main Event Horizon is one of the acorn cards in Unfinity that most Commander playgroups probably won’t mind being run. It’s not much more powerful as a board wipe compared to the many other legal conditional board wipes in the format. This card doesn’t warp the game rules drastically and will add a little levity to your Commander games.


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