MTG Streets of New Capenna spoiler Luxior, Giada’s Gift turns Planeswalkers into Creatures

Planeswalkers can get their hands dirty too.

Image via WotC

Gideon’s Planeswalker cards are unique in their ability to turn into Creatures and affect the game in combat, something that the best Planeswalkers typically can’t do.

Magic: The Gathering has introduced several powerful Planeswalkers in recent sets. Kaito Shizuki and The Wandering Emperor from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty are the most recent Planeswalkers that have become staples in decks that can support casting them.

Streets of New Capenna card Ob Nixilis, the Adversary is another Planeswalker that has the potential to be a staple in R/B lists. With so many strong Planeswalkers in the format, Wizards of the Coast is printing an Equipment that turns those cards into even bigger threats.

Luxior, Giada’s Gift

Image via WotC
  • Mana value: 1
  • Type: Legendary Artifact Equipment
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • First ability: Equipped Creature gets +1/+1 for each counter on it.
  • Second ability: Equipped permanent isn’t a Planeswalker and is a Creature in addition to its other types.
  • Third ability: Equip Planeswalker 1
  • Fourth ability: Equip 3

This is an exciting card that opens up new lines of play that didn’t exist prior to its printing. Turning Planeswalkers into a Creature has its benefits. It no longer can be attacked directly, which should mean that more than one activation of loyalty abilities is guaranteed. Planeswalkers that enter with high starting loyalty can become the biggest Creature on the battlefield and demands an answer.

Turning a Planeswalker into a Creature does mean it can be hit by removal that targets only Creatures. It can be disrupted by Artifact removal out of the sideboard.

In Standard, this will fit into W/B/U Superfriends, an archetype that’s on the fringes of Standard but has the foundation of a future top-tier strategy. Kaya, The Inexorable from Kaldheim can become a Creature with Luxior and then give itself a ghostform counter. That means it gains protection and a stat boost.

Luxior immediately becomes a staple in Superfriends decks in Commander. Planeswalkers struggle in the format because there are up to three other players that can attack them. Luxior mitigates that downside for key Planeswalkers you control. It also is easy to fetch with Urza’s Saga or Trinket Mage.

Outside of equipping Luxior on Planeswalkers, it also works great with Hydras. Since Hydras enter the battlefield with counters, Luxior can double their power when equipped. Expect players to experiment with combining Luxior with cards like Hydroid Krasis and Voracious Hydra.