MTG reveals January Kaldheim League Weekend pairings

Battles are fought in the Historic format.

Image via WOTC

A total of 70 Magic: The Gathering players will compete for league points, $400,000 in season prizes, and postseason playoff spots. 

The first League Weekend of 2021 will feature gameplay in the Historic format on Jan. 16 to 17. Saturday, Jan. 16, will feature six Rivals league matches, and Sunday will showcase six Magic Pro League matches. All 70 MTG players will stream individually. The feature matches coverage begins at 10am CT for both days via the Magic Twitch channel

Here are the Rivals League feature matches (Jan. 16):

Image via WotC
  • 10:10am CT: Zachary Kiihne vs. Shintaro Ishimura
  • 11:20am CT: Luca Magni vs. Bernardo Santos
  • 12:30pm CT: Jacob Wilson vs. Simon Görtzen
  • 1:40pm CT: Frederico Bastos vs. Mike Sigrist
  • 2:50pm CT: Christian Hauck vs. Matt Sperling
  • 4:00pm CT: Luis Scott-Vargas vs. Eli Kassis

Here are the Magic Pro League feature matches (Jan. 17):

Image via WotC
  • 10:10am CT: Ondřej Stráský vs. Autumn Burchett
  • 11:20am CT: Jean-Emmanuel Depraz vs. Martin Jůza 
  • 12:30pm CT: Márcio Carvalho vs. Rei Sato
  • 1:40pm CT: Andrea Mengucci vs. Gabriel Nassif
  • 2:50pm CT: Reid Duke vs. Seth Manfield
  • 4:00pm CT: Brad Nelson vs. Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa

Wizards of the Coast will release the decklists on Jan. 16, once the first match has begun. The broadcast team for the Kaldheim League Weekend includes Amazonian, Eduardo Sajgalik, Marshall Sutcliffe, Cedric Phillips, and Tim Willoughby. 

The January Kaldheim League Weekend is the first of two, with the next taking place on Feb. 27 to 28, featuring gameplay in the Standard format. A Kaldheim Championship is scheduled for Mar. 26 to 28 with the MTG format being undetermined by WotC at the time of writing.