MTG pre-release event has free Eldraine booster pack codes for MTGA

Get a code for six free booster packs.

MTG Throne of Eldraine spoilers
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

The Magic: The Gathering pre-release weekend for Throne of Eldraine begins today and players attending will get an MTG Arena code for six free booster packs. 

Releasing in tabletop form on Oct. 4, the Throne of Eldraine (ELD) set can be played at local game stores from Sept. 27 to 29 in a pre-release Limited Sealed event. Players attending the ELD pre-release will receive codes, unlocking six Throne of Eldraine booster packs in MTG Arena

In addition to the code received at the pre-release tournament, players can unlock three more ELD booster packs with the code PLAYELDRAINE. For those who participated in the MTGA open beta, an email is expected to go out sometime in the next two weeks with a code Fblthp avatar and card sleeve. 

The ELD set features new mechanics and card styles never seen before in MTG. The gameplay is also expected to be top-notch, equal to or greater than that of the War of the Spark pre-release. 

In comparison to previous MTG pre-release weekends, the ELD code for free booster packs offers three more packs than the codes from M20. Many people in the Magic community, however, would prefer that Wizards of the Coast offer players a choice between booster pack codes and a Limited tournament code on MTGA

The Throne of Eldraine pre-release weekend beings today and runs until Sept. 29. The ELD set is available in full on MTG Arena for any players who want to practice with the cards beforehand.