MTG Grand Prix Oklahoma showcased meta diversity

Matt Carlson wins with Jeskai Fires.

Carlson Jeskai Fires Oklahoma City Grand Prix
Image via ChannelFireball Twitter

Following Mythic Championship VII earlier this month, five Standard decks have emerged as the most popular in Magic: The Gathering

Over 300 competitors gathered this past weekend to compete in the Oklahoma City Standard Grand Prix. A majority of those players brought one of five decks to compete with: Simic Flash, Jund Sacrifice, Jeskai Fires, GB Adventure, and Simic Ramp. 

But they weren’t the only decks played at the Oklahoma City GP. The Standard meta continues to showcase a wide diversity of decks that are proving they can compete against the dominant five. At the start of day two, there were several archetypes giving the five most popular decks a run for their money. 

MTG hall of fame pro Frank Karsten and several other top Magic Grand Prix players emerged from the over-300 player initial field to compete in the top-eight.

  • Frank Karsten: Gruul Adventure
  • Alex Majlaton: Jeskai Fires
  • Julian John: Simic Flash
  • Conor Cole: Radkos Knights
  • Edward Bontkowski: Simic Flash
  • Matt Foreman: Jund Sacrifice
  • Ty Thomason: Rakdos Sacrifice
  • Matt Carlson: Jeskai Fires

The top-eight players battled it out for the GP trophy with Majlaton defeating Karsten. But neither could defeat Foreman and Carlson, who made it to the final table.

Jeskai Fires triumphed over Jund Sacrifice and Matt earned his second Grand Prix title. This win also helped Carlson secure a seat at the first MTG Players Tour Finals in Houston.