MTG Dominaria United prints cycle of 10 Common dual Lands to empower Domain in Limited

The building blocks of Limited.

Image via WotC

For budget deck builders looking to craft the many supported multicolored archetypes in MTG Standard, Dominaria United is bringing a cycle of 10 Common dual Lands into the format when it releases on Sept. 9.

Replacing the snow dual Lands, 10 dual Lands are coming in Dominaria United that enter the battlefield tapped and have two basic Land types. This means they will contribute to Domain, crucial for Limited, and are fetchable by a variety of effects in eternal formats.

The ten Land cards being introduced in Dominaria United are:

  • Haunted Mire
  • Idyllic Beachfront
  • Contaminated Aquifer
  • Geothermal Bog
  • Molten Tributary
  • Sunlit Marsh
  • Sacred Peaks
  • Wooded Ridgeline
  • Tangled Islet
  • Radiant Grove

High-level Standard lists won’t play these Lands. Streets of New Capenna tri-Lands are preferable when trying to get multiple types to power up Domain. These aren’t completely unplayable, though. They are nice budget options to have.

The format these cards will matter in is Limited. These Lands will be the building blocks of the format by empowering multicolor strategies. A dedicated Domain deck will need several dual Lands to function properly. Two and three-color decks will want to lean on these Land cards as a way to color fix.

Pauper players will also enjoy having these Lands as an option when crafting their mana bases. Having multiple Land types sets these apart from other Common cycles in past formats. They will compete with the Kaldheim snow duals, but if snow isn’t important to your deck, these are just as good.

All images via WotC.