MTG Dominaria United innovates further on Sagas

Choose which chapter to read first.

Sagas are returning in Magic: The Gathering’s new set Dominaria United with an entirely new twist on the well-received card type.

Introduced in Doninaria, Sagas are an Enchantment that trigger different abilities over multiple turns. Since Sagas are introduced in Doninaria, the card type has become one of the most well-received mechanics in Magic: The Gathering.

Sagas returned in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty with a twist on the card type having them turn into an Enchantment Creature on the third chapter. In Dominaria United, Sagas have the ability Read Ahead. Sagas with this ability allow the player to start a saga with any number of lore counters. The Saga still gets a counter after your draw step and is sacrificed after the last chapter.

This means sagas can enter the battlefield on the second or third chapters without having to wait to get the benefits. Two of the saga cards revealed during the first day of Dominaria United preview season show that it’s not always the right choice to jump straight to the final chapter.

The World Spell

Image via WotC
  • Mana value: 5GG
  • Type: Enchantment Saga
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Keyword: Read Ahead
  • First and second chapters: Look at the top seven cards of your library. You may reveal a non-Saga permanent card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in random order.
  • Third chapter: Put up to two non-Saga permanent cards from your hand onto the battlefield.

If you decide to jump immediately to the third chapter, The World Spell can slam two large threats onto the battlefield. This turns the spell into a quick way to close out the game. It might be more worth it to let the Saga play out starting on the first chapter. It will help you find two cards to play with the third chapter’s ability.

The versatility is great. It gives the players more options, something that Magic design has been leaning into more since the release of Dominaria in 2018.

The Phasing of Zhalfir

Image via WotC
  • Mana value: 2UU
  • Type: Enchantment Saga
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Keyword: Read Ahead
  • First and second chapters: Another target nonland permanent phases out. It can’t phase in for as long as you control The Phasing of Zhalfir.
  • Third chapter: Destroy all Creatures. For each Creature destroyed this way, its controller creates a 2/2 Black Phyrexian Creature token.

This is an interesting Blue board wipe for four mana. It can be used immediately to destroy all creatures and replace them with 2/2 tokens. It can enter on the first and second chapters to phase out a creature before the bass destruction.

Aside from protecting your creatures before the board is wiped, the first two chapters can be used to clear the way for your own attacking creatures. Cards like Slip Out the Back from Streets of New Capenna are generally used to phase out your own creature but in specific situations can be used to phase out the opponent’s blockers. The same application will apply to The Phasing of Zhalfir.

Dominaria United goes live in Magic Arena and Magic Online on Sept. 1. A global tabletop release will take place on Sept. 9.