MTG Divine Purge taxes Aggro decks within Alchemy and Historic

Mono-White Aggro loses steam to the Mono-White taxes spell.

Image via WotC

Spoiler reveals for the upcoming A22 MTG Arena digital-only cards continued today with the introduction of Divine Purge, a Mono-White three-drop that slots nicely into Control decks looking to stall. 

Revealed by Amy the Amazonian on Twitter today, Divine Purge is a Sorcery speed A22 Rare MTG digital-only card that costs three mana to play. The card will become available to play on Dec. 9 with the release of Alchemy, a new Standard Live format within MTG Arena. It’ll also be playable in Historic, another Live mode within Arena

Divine Purge

Divine Purge
  • CMC: 1WW
  • Type: Sorcery
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Ability: Exile all Artifacts and creatures with mana value three or less. They Perpetually gain “This spell costs two more to cast” and “This permanent enters the battlefield tapped.” For as long as each of them remains exiled, its owner may play it. 

The unique aspect of Divine Purge is the use of the MTG Arena digital-only mechanic Perpetually. It essentially means permanent, forcing players who have had their Artifacts and creatures exiled to cost two more to cast and come in tapped for the remainder of the game. 

Divine Purge also has a reasonable casting cost. As a three-drop in White, similar to Elite Spellbinder, the Sorcery speed spell packs more value in taxes when compared to the human cleric. It slots right into Control decks that are looking to stall against Aggro builds and can’t get reversed since it’s neither an Enchantment nor Artifact itself. 

Players can test out Divine Purge on Dec. 9 via MTG Arena within the Alchemy and Historic formats.