MTG Arena’s friends list is coming next patch

Something is better than nothing.

MTG Throne of Eldraine spoilers
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

The first phase of implementing a friends list into MTG Arena begins with the next major patch.

On Nov. 21, MTG Arena players will have access to an “under construction” friends list. After being delayed last month, Wizards of the Coast has decided to begin implementing a friends list into Magic Arena one phase at a time. 

The first phase will have several basic features, with a promise from WotC that additional functions are under development and will be added in the near future. 

  • Add MTGA players to friends list.
  • Block or remove Arena players from the friends list.
  • See which friends are online.
  • Challenge friends to matches via Direct Challenge mode.

A second phase is on the way, including direct messaging and deck sharing options. No date, however, was given by WotC as to when the second phase will launch. 

Very little information about the friends list has been shared, but it seems like players will have to enter a friend’s MTGA name or email to put them on the list. Additional options, like clicking on an opponent’s name during a match to add them as a friend, aren’t in the first phase and have yet to be brought up in discussions. 

WotC also said that other social features in addition to the friends list are in development. 

The first phase of a friends list in MTG Arena will launch on Nov. 21 with the next major patch and update.