MTG Arena’s 2021 Starter Kit to be released in August

Play online or at a kitchen table.

AFR Hall of the Storm Giant MTG Alex Stone
Image via WotC

The 2021 MTG Arena Starter Kit will contain two decks full of Standard-legal cards for tabletop and digital gameplay, similar to Magic: The Gathering preconstructed decks of the past. And it’s coming to MTG fans next month.

Scheduled to release on Aug. 6, the MTG Arena 2021 Starter Kit will be available to purchase at Wizard Play Network (WPN) and retail stores. The kit includes two preconstructed Standard-legal Magic decks and other goodies like a foil card, guide, and an MTG Arena code to unlock the cards digitally. The two Arena 2021 Starter decks are Cyclone Summoner and Dragonsguard Elite. 

Here are the basic contents of the 2021 Magic Arena Starter Kit, according to WotC.

  • Two 60-card preconstructed Standard-legal decks
  • One traditional foil in Cyclone Summoner and Dragonsguard Elite
  • One play guidebook
  • Two MTG deck storage boxes
  • One MTG Arena code that unlocks both decks for up to two people to play digitally. 

No official price was listed on the WotC site. The Core Set 2021 Arena Starter Kit that was released in 2020 is listed for $11.44 on Amazon. WotC is printing the Arena 2021 Starter Kit in eight total languages: English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. 

The preconstructed Cyclone Summoner and Dragonsguard Elite decks are designed for new or returning Magic players. And with the MTG Arena digital code, playing with friends can take place at the kitchen table or online. 

Players who are interested in the MTG Arena 2021 Starter Kit can pre-order from local game stores prior to the Aug. 6 official release date.