MTG Arena Red Bull Untapped qualifier standings

A total of 16 winners will advance to the finals in November.

MTG Arena Red Bull Untapped 2
Image via Red Bull and WotC

Qualification events are underway for the second MTG Arena Untapped final with a chance for competitors to earn a seat at a 2021 major Magic tournament. 

Winners of each MTG Arena Red Bull Untapped qualifier earn a seat at the final tournament taking place in November. The finals will have a total prize pool of $75,000 split between 16 competitors in which the first-place finisher will earn a seat at a major Magic 2021 tournament. 

Red Bull International Qualifier #1

The first international MTG Arena Untapped qualifier had a record number of 2,467 competitors enter the event, playing a total number of 204 archetypes. Lasting two days, players competed in the Standard best-of-three format. A complete list of every competitor and their deck can be found here

Top Archetypes

  • Jeskai Lukka/Yorion: 464 decks
  • Boros Cycling: 242 decks
  • Temur Reclamation: 206 decks
  • Mono-Red Obosh: 193 decks
  • Bant Yorion: 117 decks
  • Rakdos Sacrifice (Lurrus): 80 decks


  • Brian Hart: Mono-Red Obosh
  • Gobetti Enrico: Azorius Yorion
  • Kenichiro Omori: Jeskai Lukka/Yorion
  • Zachary Borotsik: Gruul Umori
  • Yukki Ichikawa: Jund Sacrifice
  • Dapten: Temur Reclamation
  • Christopher Virula: Jeskai Lukka/Yorion
  • Masahito Masuda: Temur Reclamation


  • Gobetti Enrico (Azorius Yorion) played against Masahito Masuda (Temur Reclamation). Enrico won the match 2-1.
  • Kenichiro Omori (Jeskai Lukka/Yorion) played against Yukki Ichikawa (Jund Sacrifice). Omori earned the win 2-1. 


Enrico and Omori faced off in the finals on May 17 each playing a Companion build. Enrico edged out the win 2-1, earning a seat at the November MTG Arena Red Bull Untapped finals. 

This article will get updated after each MTG Arena Untapped tournament, hosted by Red Bull.