MTG Arena New Capenna Alchemy expansion and Draft event drop in June

New drops and events are coming to the Alchemy format.

Image via WotC

The month of June will heat up MTG Arena gameplay options with the release of an Alchemy: New Capenna expansion and a limited-time Alchemy Draft event. 

Scheduled to take place on June 2 via an MTG Arena update, a total of 30 new cards are getting added to the Alchemy format via the New Capenna expansion. In addition to the new cards, players will have the option to participate in two Alchemy events: The New Capenna Alchemy Draft event and the Into the Future event, revealed today by WotC within the MTG Arena announcements

The limited-time Premier Draft of Alchemy: New Capenna will run from June 2 to 6. The fees for the event are the same as Premium Draft for Standard-legal sets: 1,500 gems or 10,000 gold. Players will also Draft from three SNC booster packs, however, the one Common rarity card in each pack will get replaced with a card from the Alchemy: New Capenna expansion. And that added card can have any form of rarity, with Rare cards appearing twice as often as Mythic Rare cards. 

Here is the breakdown of rarity drops for that replaced card within an SNC booster pack at the Alchemy: New Capenna Draft event, according to WotC. 

  • 58 percent of the SNC booster packs contain an Uncommon rarity card
  • 38.57 percent of the SNC booster packs contain a Rare rarity card
  • 6.43 percent of SNC booster packs contain a Mythic Rare rarity card 

Payouts for the Alchemy: New Capenna Draft event are the same as the Standard-legal Premium Draft. All Alchemy format events within MTG Arena will have Alchemy: New Capenna booster packs as rewards. 

Players wanting to test out the new Alchemy: New Capenna cards within the expansion can do so for free via the MTG Arena Into the Future event. Scheduled to run from June 2 to 4, the event is free to play and contains preconstructed decks that highlight new cards and synergies. Competing in the event will reward MTG Arena players with Alchemy: New Capenna booster packs, 1,000 gold, and Mastery XP.

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