MTG Arena gets ready for Kaladesh Remastered in November State of the Game

Historic Brawl is finally getting some love.

Image via WOTC

Wizards of the Coast addressed Kaladesh Remastered and an update to the popular Historic Brawl format in the Magic Arena’s November State of the Game released today.

In the monthly update, Wizards spent a majority of the announcement covering the upcoming set, Kaladesh Remastered, which will be released on Nov. 12, bringing a new draft environment to Arena and 303 cards for Historic.

To kick off the release of Kaladesh Remastered, there will be three Limited events available with Draft Challenge coming later in November. Here are the Limited events you can join when Kaladesh Remastered is released.

  • Sealed: Nov. 12 to 19
  • Traditional Draft: Nov. 12 to 19
  • Premier Draft: Nov. 12 to Dec. 18
  • Draft Challenge: Nov. 28 to Dec. 1

Wizards said Amonkhet Remastered Limited event participation exceeded its expectations, which led to the inclusion of a Traditional Draft option. The Traditional Draft will follow the same entry fee and rewards as the Standard Traditional Draft events.

The Draft Challenge event is a new, higher-stakes Limited event rewarding up to 20,000 gold and 40 Kaladesh Remastered booster packs if players earn six wins before two losses. The format is best-of-three with a 3,000 gem or 15,000 gold entry fee. Here are the rewards for the Kaladesh Remastered Draft Challenge.

  • Six wins: 20,000 Gold, 40 Kaladesh Remastered boosters
  • Five wins: 15,000 Gold, 30 Kaladesh Remastered boosters
  • Four wins: 10,000 Gold, 20 Kaladesh Remastered boosters
  • Three wins: 7,500 Gold, 12 Kaladesh Remastered boosters
  • Two wins: 4,000 Gold, six Kaladesh Remastered boosters
  • One win: 2,000 Gold, three Kaladesh Remastered boosters
  • Zero wins: No Rewards

Wizards also announced the next Arena Open is scheduled for Dec. 12. It will feature Historic constructed in best-of-three and best-of-one on day one. Day two is only best-of-three.

Alongside the new Limited events, Kaladesh Remastered will bring a new set of basic lands to bling out your deck. They’ll be available for free in the store to pick up at your convenience. Wizards said automatically putting these cards in players’ collections caused stress on its servers, which led to a poor release day for Zendikar Rising.

Image via WOTC

A Historic Brawl event is coming to Arena in November. The popular format is getting a week-long festival event with a 500 gem or 2,500 gold entry fee starting on Nov. 20. There’s another Historic Brawl event scheduled for January with no entry fee. Wizards is taking a cautious approach to a permanent Historic Brawl queue with concerns about splitting the player base, leading to increased queue times and mirror matches.

Wizards also confirmed that Magic Arena for mobile is delayed until early 2021. “We hope to have an updated timeline come January with the release of Kaldheim,” Wizards said.

Kaladesh Remastered will be released on Nov. 12. Full patch notes will be available once maintenance is concluded.