MTG Arena friends list is delayed again

Players will have to wait a little longer.

Throne of Eldraine
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast has delayed adding a friends list to Magic Arena again following major issues discovered during testing. 

After testing, the new friends’ list was supposed to launch tomorrow in MTG Arena, but issues with scaling have gotten in the way. 

Since the official launch of MTG Arena, players have been hounding WotC for a friends list. The organization responded to the complaints with an announcement last week, stating the Nov. 21 update would contain an early version of a friends list. 

Here is what the Nov. 21 friends list was supposed to include:

  • Add MTGA players to friends list.
  • Block or remove Arena players from the friends list.
  • See which friends are online.
  • Challenge friends to matches via Direct Challenge mode.

The list was first supposed to launch in October but was delayed for unknown reasons by WotC. Upon the announcement of another delay today, the Magic community responded somewhat positively. Most players would rather see WotC be transparent about the problems and wait a little longer than be delivered a working product full of bugs. 

But there were also some players ready to start throwing the pitchforks. “It really is not a good sign when they keep having to set this stuff further and further back,” as one Reddit user said.

Another delay for the friends’ list isn’t the end of the world for MTG Arena or WotC. But the number of problems associated with the CCG are starting to wear thin on the player base. WotC hasn’t released the revised launch date for the MTGA friends list at this time.