MTG Arena expands pre-order bundle options

A new three-headed hound pet joins Dragon Whelp.

Ashiok Art Magic
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast has added a new pre-order bundle option to the upcoming Theros: Beyond Death set in MTG Arena

Theros: Beyond Death (TBD), a new Magic set, releases via MTG Arena on Jan. 16. In response to requests from the community, there’s a pre-order Elspeth Play Bundle in addition to the Ashiok Pack Bundle in the Arena store. 

MTG Arena Pre Order Bundles
Screengrab via MTG Arena WotC

“We’ve received great feedback from our Limited players who have been looking for a Preorder option geared more towards them, which is the idea behind the Play Bundle,” said WotC developers

The Elspeth Play Bundle will include two Sealed event tokens, a TBD Mastery Pass, and the first 10 Mastery Levels unlocked upon the release of Theros: Beyond Death.

In addition to the play bundle option, there’s still a pack bundle option, featuring Ashiok. The pack bundle contains 50 TBD booster packs, one copy of Ashiok, Nightmare Muse, a card style for Ashiok, Nightmare Muse, and an Ashiok mosaic card sleeve.

Players who purchase both pre-order bundles are awarded a new pet, Kunoros, the three-headed snapping hound. Kunoros is also available in the MTGA store for 20,000 gold or 3,000 gems, along with the new Dragon Whelp. The Elspeth Play Bundle and Ashiok Pack Bundle are priced at $49.99 each.

The pre-order bundles for the upcoming Theros: Beyond Death set are available in the MTG Arena store until Jan. 16. Players who purchase one or both bundles will receive them after the Jan. update.