MTG Arena events will include Draft Arena Open

Competitive digital Draft is coming to MTG Arena.

MTG Arena Esper Sentinel Jumpstart Historic Horizons
Image via WotC

Wizards of the Coast will expand MTG Arena Open events to include Draft in the Magic: The Gathering Limited format.

Scheduled to launch sometime in 2022, Arena Open Draft events will feature competitive gameplay with cash rewards within the Limited format. First introduced during the 2021-2022 season of Magic, Arena Open events provide all MTG Arena players a chance to compete at high levels with cash and other sweet rewards for a string of victories. Revealed during the 2021 Magic Showcase announcement, 2022 will include Arena Open Draft events in conjunction with other Arena Open tournaments. 

The entry fee for an MTG Arena Open tournament costs 20,000 gold or 4,000 gems. No pricing for the Draft version was revealed today, but the entry fee may remain the same. Rewards from Arena Open events include cash for players with winning records after day two, along with gems and cosmetics. 

Playing at local game stores will also get a boost in 2022, with the reveal of Commander Parties and Store Championships during the Magic Showcase. Starting with the release of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, Commander Parties will launch. And Store Championships are slated to begin later this year, featuring gameplay in a variety of Magic formats. 

No official date for the first MTG Arena Open Draft has been revealed at the time of writing. It’s likely the tournament will take place during the 2022 Magic season.