MTG Arena black screen prevents gameplay following 1.09 update

Signing in to play might not be possible.

Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose Art Magic Core Set 2021
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Multiple issues ranging from a black screen and dropped games to no play queue and message chat are plaguing MTG Arena following maintenance performed for the 1.09 update today.

What was supposed to be an exciting patch in MTG Arena containing the new Core Set 2021 has turned into a disaster with a large number of players not being able to even open the digital card game due to a “black screen.” 

Wizards of the Coast is aware of the black screen issue and is working on the situation. The organization is also asking players to submit game logs of the black screen to assist in resolving the issue promptly. But it’s not the only issue. Players are reporting dropped games in Limited, no play queues showing up, broken chat messages, and no notifications appearing. 

WotC reported the latter issues two hours ago but there are still reports that the issues haven’t been resolved at this time. For veteran MTG Arena players, experiencing multiple issues following a set patch has become par for the course. Not every update prevents individuals from playing, but it’s happened in the past. 

Any players experiencing issues, whether listed here or not, should report them to WotC in the form of a ticket. The MTG Arena team is working on restoring the digital card game, but no time limit on how long it’ll take has been reported at this time.