MTG Arena 15-day Decathlon offers a variety of competitive events

Compete from home in a variety of events.

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Heading into the winter holidays and the launch of the new MTG Arena Alchemy format tomorrow, Wizards of the Coast has created a number of competitive events called the Arena Decathlon, offering players a path to sweet rewards and an invite to the February qualifier.

Scheduled to kick off on Dec. 18, the Arena Decathlon is made up of a total of 10 events leading up to an Arena Cube Traditional Draft tournament that includes a chance to earn one copy of each card from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, which is scheduled for a digital release on Feb. 10. The Decathlon will take place over the course of 15 days, with each event offering players tokens. Maximum wins within each event will earn players a Decathlon Arena token. 

A total of three Decathlon tokens will earn players an invite to the Arena Decathlon finals, in which the format is Cube Traditional Draft. Six tokens equal two entries to the finals and eight Arena tokens earn a player three entries to the finals. Players who earn all 10 Arena tokens will automatically qualify for the February Arena Qualifier. Each event has an entry fee of 2,000 gold or 400 gems. 

Players can compete in any number of events, earning a Decathlete card sleeve as a participation reward. Events that are best-of-one are a maximum of seven wins or three losses and best-of-three events are a maximum of five wins or two losses. 

Prizes within each event also include booster packs, along with the Arena token. The finals will be played within the Arena Cube Traditional Draft format that has a maximum of seven wins or three losses. The rewards for players who make it to the Arena Decathlon finals can be found on the official WotC site

Here are the 10 MTG Arena Decathlon events and dates:

Dec. 18 to 20

  • Phantom Innistrad Sealed, including three booster packs from MID and three booster packs from VOW
  • Alchemy

Dec. 21 to 23

  • Traditional VOW Phantom Draft in best-of-three.
  • New player decks that are made up of the preconstructed decks new MTG Arena players get.

Dec. 24 to 26

  • ZNR Quick Draft
  • Historic Artisan made up of Common and Uncommon cards only.

Dec. 27 to 29

  • Historic
  • Singleton

Dec. 30 to Jan. 1

  • STX Turbo Draft, a bot Draft that includes an emblem that states “All spells cost five less to cast.”
  • Traditional Standard best-of-three


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