MTG Adventures in the Forgotten Realms basic lands have Dungeons & Dragons flavor text

Get ideas for your campaign.

Image via WotC

Nailing the flavor of bottom-up sets has been a staple of Magic: The Gathering over the past few years with sets like Kaldheim and Throne of Eldraine.

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is bringing the classic role-playing game to Magic: The Gathering. Despite both games being licensed by Wizards of the Coast, this is the first D&D to Magic crossover set.

Previously, Magic made its way into D&D with two books based on Ravnica and Theros, two planes in the Magic multiverse. Alongside mechanics like dungeons and D&D monsters appearing on cards, Wizards is making a change to the presentation of basic lands to capture the flavor of the setting.

Basic lands in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will have flavor text on them that describes myriad settings in the Forgotten Realms like the Underdark. The flavor text can act as starters for campaign adventures for new and experienced D&D players in their own games.

One Swamp illustrated by Piotr Dura says: “As a plague ravages the world above, you’ve made your way into the Underdark in search of a fungal panacea.”

This is a good starting point for an adventure, with the hope that this set brings Magic players into D&D and vice versa. Adding flavor text to basic lands gives players a way to explore these new worlds.

Here are the 10 Adventures in the Forgotten Realms basic lands that were revealed today.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms releases digitally on Magic Arena and Magic Online on July 8, with a worldwide tabletop launch set for July 23. Return to Dot Esports on June 30 to see our exclusive Adventures in the Forgotten Realms preview card.