Magic: The Gathering’s 2020 Grand Prix and Players Tour schedule receives an update

PTQs in Pioneer start soon.

Thoralf Severin victory at MTG Mythic Championship IV
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

A new format is brewing in Magic: The Gathering on a competitive level, which means there’s now an updated Grand Prix and Players Tour tournament schedule for 2020.

With the addition of Pioneer as a sanctioned format in MTG, players are anxious to start building decks and competing. The new format will officially launch via Magic Online on Oct. 23. Wizards of the Coast will then monitor its progress before announcing any more scheduled dates. 

But for tabletop players, the chance to compete isn’t that far away. 

Pioneer will begin as an official competitive paper format in January, according to WotC and ChannelFireball. And the first time it’ll be featured in a major tournament will be in February at the Players Tour Regionals. 

  • Players Tour Asia-Pacific: Nagoya, Feb.1 to 2
  • Players Tour Europe: Brussels, Feb.1 to 2
  • Players Tour Americas: Phoenix, Feb. 8 to 9
  • Players Tour Finals: Houston, April 25 to 26

To qualify for a Players Tour tournament, WotC has several PTQs starting in November via Magic Online

  • Friday, Nov. 1: Magic Online Pioneer PTQ
  • Friday, Nov. 8: Magic Online Pioneer PTQ
  • Friday, Nov. 15: Magic Online Pioneer PTQ
  • Saturday, Nov. 23: Magic Online Pioneer PTQ
  • Friday, Dec. 6: Magic Online Pioneer PTQ
  • Saturday, Dec. 7: Magic Online Pioneer PTQ

Grand Prix tournaments will start running Pioneer on Jan. 30 at Brussels. Additional tournaments featuring the new format include Nagoya, Phoenix, and Louisville. 

The Grand Prix schedule will continue to receive updates closer to the start of the 2020 MTG esports tournament season. The same goes for tabletop Players Tour PTQs.