Magic: The Gathering reveals its newest planeswalker, Oko

A shapeshifter with a rough past.

Image via Wizards of the Coast

A new planeswalker is shapeshifting his way into Magic: The Gathering’s new expansion, Throne of Eldraine.

Oko, a Fey shapeshifter with an aptitude for cruel pranks, was revealed today by Forbes as a new planeswalker coming in ToE, which is scheduled to be released on Oct. 4.

Wizards of the Coast’s head of story and entertainment Nic Kelman said that Oko is from a society that’s ruled against the natural mischievousness of the Fey, ordering it to be suppressed.

“To the ruling class, they had created a perfect society—but for Oko, who was born with incredibly powerful shapeshifting abilities, this culture went against everything he was and contradicted his deepest, truest self,” Kelman said.

When Oko rebelled against the ruling class, they attempted to suppress his powers using “magical procedures.” This traumatized the planeswalker, making him distrustful of anyone, especially authority figures.

Despite the shapeshifter’s rough past, he finds great humor in using his magic to play insensitive jokes on people.

“Ruining a wedding day, stealing the spotlight at someone’s lifetime moment of triumph, fooling a mother into believing her child has returned from a conflict—these are all great shapeshifting jokes to Oko who sees nothing as sacred, least of all the most noble of emotions,” Kelman said.

Fans who are eager to learn more about the planeswalker can pre-order the first Throne of Eldraine ebook, Throne of Eldraine: The Wildered Quest by Kate Elliot.