Jeff Hoogland wins Twitch Rivals MTG Arena with RB Aristocrats

Sacrifice to win.

Image via Twitch Rivals

The best Magic: The Gathering streamers from around the globe competed today for a share of the $25,000 Twitch Rivals MTGA Standard 2020 event with Priest of Forgotten Gods ruling the day. 

The first five rounds of the Twitch Rivals MTG Arena Standard 2020 tournament featured Simic Ramp (the most popular deck in the meta today) Jeskai Control, Feather, RB Aggro, Simic Flash, and RB Aristocrats, along with a few other various archetypes. 

Twitch Rivals MTG Arena Standard 2020 Top Eight Bracket
Screengrab via Twitch Rivals TV and WotC

Andrea Mengucci rocked his Jeskai Control while Seth Manfield also cruised through the Swiss match play with Boros Feather, each player having an undefeated streak. But all of that would change once in the top eight, where Jeff Hoogland and his RB Aristocrats deck would continually dominate. 

The star card of the day was Priest of Forgotten Gods, fueling the sacrificial damage aimed at opponents and everything on their side of the battlefield. Hoogland stacked his early game with quick drops like Footlight Fiend, Grim Initiate, and Knight of Ebon Legion

But it was the synergy between Priest of Forgotten Gods and Chandra, Acolyte of Flame that destroyed the opponent’s Hoogland faced today. 

Facing off against Martin Jůza (playing RB Aggro) in the final match of the day, Hoogland took match one in less than five minutes. But Jůza was never given a chance to redeem himself or the RB Aggro deck, as he went six straight turns drawing a land (with no cards in hand).

On paper, Jůza had the better deck. Between the mana flood in match two, however, and Priest of Forgotten Gods in match one—the best-of-three finals match was over in less than 10 minutes. 

Here are the standings for the top 20 competitors in today’s Twitch Rivals MTG Arena Standard 2020 event: 

Twitch Rivals MTG Arena Standard 2020 Top 20 Standings
Screengrab via Twitch Rivals TV and WotC