Idyllic Tutor and Banishing Light return to Standard via reprints in Theros: Beyond Death

Commander players rejoice over iconic reprint.

Original Idyllic MTG Artwork
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Welcome and timely reprints of Idyllic Tutor and Banishing Light are the latest Theros: Beyond Death spoilers revealed today.

Previously printed in Magic: The Gathering within the Morningtide set, Idyllic Tutor was a $30 card that’s getting a reprint in Theros: Beyond Death (THB). It’s an ideal sorcery spell in a variety of formats that allows a player to search their library for an Enchantment card. 

Idyllic Tutor THB MTG
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

A bunch of enchantments are part of the THB set and finding the one needed just became easier with Idyllic Tutor. But another Enchantment spoiler reprint from Commander Anthology 2018, Banishing Light, was also dropped today.

Banishing Light THB Magic The Gathering
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Banishing Light has a CMC of three, one White, and is an Enchantment that exiles a nonland permanent as long as Banishing Light remains on the battlefield. It’s a cheaper version of Conclave Tribunal for decks that can’t use the Convoke mechanic. It’s also an upgrade to Prison Realm, but without the Scry. 

Idyllic Tutor should thrive in Standard as it will in Pioneer and Commander. It helps find key cards like Fires of Invention, Gods from THB, Divine Visitation, and Doom Foretold. It’s been a card Commander players have relied on and wanted in their decks for years. And thanks to the reprint in THB, Idyllic Tutor will drop in price and become accessible once again in MTG

Players can test out the effectiveness of Idyllic Tutor and Banishing Light when Theros: Beyond Death releases in MTG Arena on Jan. 16 and via tabletop on Jan. 24.