How to watch Mythic Championship V

Watch 68 of the best Magic players in the world compete for a prize pool of $750,000

Mythic Invitational Magic
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Pitting 36 Challengers against the 32 Magic Pro League (MPL) players, Mythic Championship V will feature the new Throne of Eldraine set within Standard 2020.

The fifth-largest Magic tournament of the year begins this weekend, Oct. 18 to Oct. 20, as 68 of the best players in the world compete in MTG Arena for a prize pool of $750,000.

The entire tournament will be live-streamed via Magic’s Twitch channel, with guest hosts and play-by-play announcers. Day one of Mythic Championship begins on Friday, Oct. 18 at 11am CT.

  • Day one: Seven Modified Swiss rounds starting at 11am CT, with 24 players advancing to day two.
  • Day two: Seven Modified Swiss rounds starting at 11am CT,  with eight players advancing to day three.
  • Day three: Double elimination playoffs beginning at 11am CT. Winners from the upper and lower brackets will battle in the finals. The player in the lower bracket has to win two consecutive matches in order to win the grand finals.

Hosting Mythic Championship V is Magic streamer Sean “Day9” Plott, along with a special pro guest and caster gurus.

  • Brian Kibler: Expert analysis
  • Paul Cheon: Expert analysis
  • Cedric Phillips: Expert analysis
  • Marshall Sutcliff: Play-by-play
  • AliasV: Play-by-play
  • Becca Scott: Interviews on the floor

The ending times of Mythic Championship V will vary slightly each day as day one has more matches being played than the finals on day three. For those who can’t watch the tournament live, Magic TV typically re-runs the event overnight.

Don’t miss out on the excitement as 68 players battle it out in a new Standard meta via MTG Arena from Oct. 18 to Oct. 20.