How to watch MTG Kaldheim Championship

Get ready for competitive gameplay in two Magic formats.

Image via WotC

You can watch the best Magic: The Gathering players from around the globe compete in Standard and Historic formats at the Kaldheim Championship this weekend. 

Scheduled to take place from March 26 to 28, coverage of the MTG Kaldheim Championship will start at 11am CT each day. Over 200 players will compete in the event for a total prize pool of $250,000. Magic Pro League (MPL) and Rivals League players will also compete for Ranked standings.  

Who’s invited?

Players invited to the MTG Kaldheim Championship earned their seats through several possible methods. Wizards of the Coast can add invites to the list of competitors at its own discretion and only invited players are allowed to compete in the tournament. 

Here’s how players earned their invites to the KHM Championship:

  • All MPL and Rivals League players are invited to compete.
  • Players who earned six or seven match wins on day two of the December KHM Qualifier Weekend event.
  • Players who earned seven wins during day two of the January or February KHM Qualifier Weekend event.
  • Any player who won a KHM Championship Magic Online Qualifier.
  • The top two players from each KHM Magic Online Super Qualifier.
  • The top eight players from the Magic Online Champions Showcase.
  • The top 16 Challengers (non-league Magic competitors) from the ZNR Championship. 

What’s the format?

Swiss rounds will consist of eight rounds of Historic Constructed and seven rounds of Standard Constructed. The playoffs are double-elimination, featuring the top eight competitors following the Swiss rounds. All games played are best-of-three.

Here’s a breakdown of games per day at the KHM Championship:

Day one

  • Rounds one to three are played in Standard Constructed.
  • Rounds four to seven are played in Historic Constructed. 
  • Players who achieve four wins advance to the second day of the competition.

Day two

  • Rounds eight to 11 are played in Standard Constructed.
  • Rounds 12 to 15 are played in Historic Constructed. 
  • The top eight players advancing to the playoffs are determined by those who reach 12 match wins at the end of round 15 and standings. 

Day three playoffs

  • Playoffs are a double-elimination bracket featuring the top eight players from the Swiss rounds. 
  • Finals are best two-out-of-three matches, rather than the traditional best-of-three games. 

Who are the broadcasters?

Coverage of the MTG Kaldheim Championship begins at 11am CT for each day of competition via Twitch. A total of eight broadcasters will cover the tournament over the course of three days. 

  • Maria Bartholdi: Host
  • Riley Knight: Host
  • Cedric Phillips: Expert
  • Paul Cheon: Expert
  • Mani Davoudi: Expert
  • Marshall Sutcliffe: Play-by-play
  • Eilidh Lonie: Play-by-play
  • Haiyue Yu: Play-by-play