Gluttonous Troll eats his way to victory in Throne of Eldraine

Gluttonous Troll is a powerful finisher as long as you feed him some troll snacks.

Varolz the Scar-Striped Art Magic
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Magic‘s new set, Throne of Eldraine (ELD), adds a powerful finisher to Golgari decks with Gluttonous Troll.

Gluttonous Troll looks like the perfect mid-game threat. It comes down at four mana and makes itself some Food. With Trample and an on-board pump, however, it can quickly threaten to swing for massive damage.

Gluttonous Troll Spoiler Magic Throne of Eldraine
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

The trick here is backing this Troll up with things for it to eat as you attack. The free Food token (or more in multiplayer games) is a nice touch, but you need more to back it up. In most decks, that’ll mean cheap creatures like Leafkin Druid or Hunted Witness. The latter, which dies and leaves behind another creature, just means extra noms for our Troll star.

This is also great synergy with Witch’s Oven. Attack throughout the game with your creatures to turn those that would be blocked instead into Food. Then have your Troll gobble up the rest and all the Food to swing for victory.

Technically, you can sacrifice everything but lands, including artifacts, enchantments, even planeswalkers. As long as you have the mana to use the Troll’s ability, you can pump it up until it ends the game. Of course, only do this if you know your opponent has no way to remove the Troll in some way.