Friend messaging coming soon to MTG Arena

Chatting with friends is needed and wanted.

MTG Theros Beyond Death
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

The Jan. 16 MTG Arena update won’t have friend messaging, but Wizards of the Coast promised in today’s “State of the Game” that the feature will arrive in the near future. 

December’s update to MTG Arena surprised players with the first installment of a friends list. The long-awaited list was a top priority for players and has made it easier for those playing Brawl in Direct Challenge or for a group of friends competing in a private tournament. 

A direct message feature was missing from the friends list, however. But a message system for the friends list is in its final stages of development, according to WotC.

“We want to give a special callout to Friends Messaging, which will allow you to directly message your friends in games,” WotC said. “This is the next major feature to our social functionality that players should expect, and while we don’t have an exact date yet, you should expect it sooner rather than later.”

An improved deck builder option and color sorter were also announced during today’s “State of the Game” for the upcoming Jan. 16 MTG Arena update, allowing players to “star” favorited decks. There’s also a new feature that will display a tab on new cards when added to a player’s library during the opening of booster packs. 

The MTGA event Brawlidays is also returning with the upcoming January patch and will run until Feb. 14. Despite the large entry fee for participating in the event, WotC said that “over half of the players who regularly play Brawl engaged with the event.”

The next update in MTG Arena is set for Jan. 16 and will include the new Theros: Beyond Death set.