Friday Night Magic comes to MTG Arena during COVID-19 pandemic

Connect with FNM friends via Arena and possibly win a card sleeve.

Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast is working to connect WPN and local game store communities through three special MTG Arena Friday Night Magic events, the company announced today.

For many local game stores around the globe, it’s been recommended by local government and health officials to not gather in groups. In response, WotC has revealed three events being held on Friday over the next three weeks, encouraging local game stores and players to connect via websites, Discord, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Each event on MTG Arena will run for 24 hours on March 27, April 3, and April 10. There’s no entry fee and a screengrab of gameplay could earn players a code for a special card sleeve in Magic Arena.

  • March 27 Challenger deck event: Players can choose from four preconstructed Challenger decks while challenging others to a match. 
  • April 3 All-Access event: Players will have access to any card in Standard. Constructing any archetype to play against others. 
  • April 10 Historic Brawl event: Players construct a 60-card Brawl deck their Standard and Historic cards. 

Friday Night Magic players are encouraged to contact their local game store to determine an online preference that allows everyone to gather together. Stores that don’t have an online presence will be assisted by WotC prior to the three upcoming events. 

To enter for a chance to win the MTG Arena promo code that unlocks the card sleeves, players should share a screengrab on their local game store’s online message board. It doesn’t matter if players won or lost, just that the gathering part of Magic continues via Arena during these challenging times.