Everything you need to know about 2019 Mythic Championship Team Final

Watch THB competitively played for the first time.

MTG Javier Dominguez Team Hareruya Sword
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

Celebrating top-performing Magic: The Gathering players and their teams from the 2019 season, the Mythic Championship Team Final is scheduled for Jan. 12.

Formerly known as the Pro Tour Team series, the Mythic Championship Team series features team points, which are earned based on performance at tabletop Mythic Championships. Teams consist of six players with the top-five scores applied to a teams total at each MC. 


During the 2019 season, the top-two ranked teams were Ultimate Guard Pro Team and Hareruya Sword. KMC-Genesis, Legion, and the former Team CFB rounded out the top five. 

The 2019 Ultimate Guard Pro Team consisted of Andrew Cuneo, Reid Duke, Jon Finkle, William Jensen, Paul Rietzl, and Matt Sperling. 

And on the Hareruya Sword team is Lee Shi Tian, Andrea Mengucci, Gregorz Kowalski, Javier Dominguez, Kelvin Chew, and Jérémy Dezani.

Several players who are competing at the 2019 Mythic Championship Team Final have shifted over to Team CFB for the 2020 season: Reid Duke, William Jensen, and Andrea Mengucci. 

Format and earnings

A total $150,000 prize pool is on the line, with the winning team earning $100,000. And the format is unique, featuring a three versus three Team Draft with Theros: Beyond Death.

Players will only have two days to prepare since the Theros: Beyond Death (THB) set doesn’t officially release until Jan. 24. 

  • Each six member team is split into two sub-teams.
  • Sub-teams compete against one another in a three versus three THB Draft. 
  • If one team wins both Drafts, they are the winners.
  • If each team records a sub-Draft win then the two victorious sub-Draft teams will face off in a third THB Draft. The winning team is the Mythic Championship Team Finals champion. 


Coverage of the Mythic Championship Team Final begins at 9am CT on Jan. 12. And viewers can find decklists for each player at CardBoard Live. Upon the completion of the Mythic Championship Team Final, the broadcast will switch over to cover the Grand Prix top eight at MagicFest Austin.