Everything to know about the 2019 Magic Online Championship series

The best Online Magic players compete for a $200,000 prize pool.

MTG commentators Rich Hagon and Maria Bartholdi
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Streaming live on Twitch from May 17 to 19, is the showdown between 24 of the best Magic Online players from the past year to take home a prize pool of $200,000.

Sometimes treated like the ugly step-child when compared to MTG Arena, Magic Online is home to hundreds of thousands of Magic: The Gathering players. This includes many Pros who regularly compete in Mythic Championships and Grand Prix tournament events.  

The appeal of Magic Online for many in the MTG community and Pro circuit is the ability to play in a variety of formats. MTG Arena only allows players to game in Standard and Limited formats, while Magic Online has those plus Modern, Cube, and Legacy formats too.

Streaming live on Twitch, the 2019 Magic Online Championship has a $200,000 prize pool and contains many recognizable names in the Magic: The Gathering community, including Autumn Burchette (Mythic Championship winner), Kenji Egashira, Tuan Nguyen, Bernardo Santos, and Joao Andrade.

Not only are there several top names competing in the 2019 Magic Online Championship, but there’s also a superstar host and commentary cast featuring Randy Buehler, Athena Froehlich, Maria Bartholdi, Eric Froehlich, Marshall Sutcliffe, Paul Rietzl, Huey Jensen, and Reid Duke.

The Magic Online Championship kicks off Friday, May 17, with a War of the Spark Limited draft. Following rounds in the draft, players will compete in four rounds of Standard.

Saturday morning also begins with a War of the Spark draft. There will be a break in the stream and competition as week two of “MPL Weekly” will air. Following the MPL bracket showdown, the Magic Online Championship will resume at 4pm ET with four rounds of Modern to determine the top four players heading into day three.

Sunday features the top four players battling it out in both Standard and Modern formats. Each player will play up to three best-of-three matches. The first is in Standard while the second is in Modern. If a third match is needed, the player with the highest seed gets to choose the format.

The 24 players competing in the 2019 Magic Online Championship are as follows:

  • Dmitriy Butakov
  • Marcio Carvalho
  • Ryuji Murae
  • Kenji Tsumura
  • Bernardo Santos
  • Ted Felicetti
  • Jamin Kauf
  • Derek Pite
  • Mattia Oneto
  • Kenji Egashira
  • Jan-Moritz Merkel
  • Alexandre Habert
  • Autumn Burchett
  • Matthew Bond
  • Brandon Pascal
  • Tuan Nguyen
  • Logan Nettles
  • Antonio del Moral Leon
  • Jose Cabezas
  • Joao Andrade
  • Andrew Baeckstrom
  • Pascal Maynard
  • Bernardo Torres
  • Kurtis Droge

Catch all the Magic Online Championship action from May 17 to 19 on the Magic: The Gathering Twitch channel, along with the Saturday episode of “MPL Weekly.” Wizards of the Coast is hosting the Magic Online Championship at its headquarters in Renton, Washington.


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