Every realm locale tapland in MTG Kaldheim

Explore Kaldheim.

Magic: The Gathering’s newest set looks to help players explore the lands of Kaldheim, a plane that hasn’t been featured since 2009. One of the best ways to do that is through uncommon realm location taplands.

Kaldheim, which is also the name of the set, has 10 taplands with one-time use abilities that synergize with every color pairing in the game. While some are more powerful than others, just about every card has some degree of utility, particularly in a Limited format setting.

All of the lands come onto the battlefield tapped and can only be used to produce one color of mana. Each color has two realm locale lands that can be tapped to create its mana. 

The one-time abilities that each land have varying costs in terms of total mana, but each requires one mana of the realm’s primary color and two mana of the realm’s secondary color.