Every MTG multicolor land that survives 2021 Standard rotation

Always have the right colors.

Image via WOTC

Formats are often defined by the strength of their mana bases.

Efficient multicolor lands allow two and three-color decks to contest at the top-end of a format like Standard. Four and Five-color decks can thrive in the rare circumstances where a format’s mana base is exceptionally strong.

Modern can handle strong five-color decks because Fetch and Shock lands make it easy to find the right colors early in the game.

Standard is in a good place for decks looking to run multiple colors. Triomes from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths are powerful three-color lands that can also be cycled away later in the game. The issue is, Triomes are rotating with the release of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt on Sept. 24. Scry and gain lands are also going away with rotation.

This will change how deck-builders balance the colors in their decks. Even though so many lands are rotating, there are plenty of great options for color fixing.

Here are the multicolor lands that survive 2021 Standard rotation.


These modal double-faced Lands from Zendikar Rising and Kaldheim span all 10 color pairs. When playing a pathway, you must pick which side it enters as. These aren’t as strong as traditional dual-lands that tap for two colors. But pathways always enter the battlefield untapped, which is necessary for developing an early battlefield presence.

Snow lands

Unlike pathways, these lands from Kaldheim always enter the battlefield tapped but they tap for two colors. These lands also work with each color pair. The Kaldheim lands are not good because they are the only dual lands in the format that isn’t able to enter the battlefield untapped.

These lands are great Common budget options for Arena brewers and will be worthwhile additions to fringe Snow strategies.


This cycle of Rare lands is only available for the five enemy color pairs. These lands can enter the battlefield untapped if you reveal a relevant basic land in your hand when you play them. Snarls are powerful two-color lands that can enter the battlefield untapped at any stage of the game. Multi-colored aggro builds will need these lands to nail their mana curve.

Strixhaven Campuses

The second cycle of Lands in Strixhaven is made up of Common enemy lands with an activated ability. Late-game Scry is great in Strixhaven Limited but is not worth the tempo loss in Standard. There’s no reason to play these lands outside of the occasional Pauper Midweek Magic event.

Midnight Hunt Slow lands

The newest additions to Standard are the Midnight Hunt Slow lands. These cards will usher in rotation. This cycle features the five allied color pairs. These lands enter the battlefield untapped when you control two or more lands. These will see heavy play in Standard for a couple of reasons.

Coming in untapped on turn three is worthwhile. When paired with Pathways and basic lands, it’s possible to fix your colors and have your lands enter the battlefield untapped every turn.

This is also the only cycle of allied lands currently in Standard. Any deck in an allied pair will want a playset of these lands.