Every MTG Arena nerf and buff with launch of Alchemy

Big changes will open up the Standard meta within the Alchemy format.

Nerfs and buffs are coming to MTG Arena via Alchemy, a new Standard digital-only format in Magic, hitting overpowered cards like Luminarch Aspirant and Alrund’s Epiphany while boosting underperformers such as Demilich. 

Scheduled to release on Dec. 9, Magic Arena Alchemy will contain a total of 11 balance changes that were revealed during the Alchemy spoiler stream by Wizards of the Coast today. Balance changes typically take place on a monthly basis. Regular nerfs and buffs will prevent the Alchemy meta from becoming stale while also providing the devs with design space to experiment. 

Regular balance changes will take place around four to six weeks after the release of a new Standard-legal set within MTG Arena. The Live format will get tournament representation, similar to the Historic format. And players who own either a rebalanced or original version of a card that’s been nerfed or buffed will own all versions of that card on MTG Arnea

From a Goldspan Dragon and Faceless Haven nerf to Druid and Wizard Class buffs, here’s every balance change taking place within MTG Arena with the release of the Alchemy format.  

MTG Arena Alchemy nerfs

Featured in the Alchemy spoiler stream, Alrund’s Epiphany is getting hit with a nerf. The extra turn Sorcery spell had its Fortell cost increased by one mana. And Alrund’s Epiphany will only create the bird tokens with Flying if it was Foretold prior to being played. 

Image via WotC

Esika’s Chariot was also hit with two adjustments. Upon entering the battlefield, the legendary Artifact vehicle will only create one 2/2 cat token. Instead of having a crew of four, though, the 4/4 vehicle only has a crew of two.

Image via WotC

Other cards getting hit with nerfs include Goldspan Dragon, Faceless Haven, Omnath, Locus of Creation, and Luminarch Aspirant. 

  • Goldspan Dragon: The text “or becomes the target of a spell” was removed regarding the creation of Treasure tokens.
  • Faceless Haven: The snow creature land had its stats nerfed to a 3/3, from 4/3. 
  • Omnath, Locus of Creation: Added one mana to its original casting cost and when it enters the battlefield, you Scry one instead of drawing a card. 
  • Luminarch Aspirant: Will now add a +1/+1 counter at the end of turn instead of at the start of combat.

MTG Arena Alchemy buffs 

Landfall builds in Red and Green have a proper finisher via the buff applied to Phylath, World Sculptor. The elemental 5/5 will gain the keyword Trample. And a plant creature created by Phylath, World Sculptor that gets targeted with four +1/+1 counters upon Landfall triggering will also gain Trample until the end of turn. 

Image via WotC

Other buffs expected to take place with the launch of Alchemy on MTG Arena include Druid Class, Cosmos Elixir, Druid Class, and Demilich. 

  • Cosmos Elixir: The Artifact will Scry one in addition to gaining two life if you don’t draw a card.
  • Druid Class: The level three mana cost that turns a land into a creature with Haste, along with a power and toughness equal to the number of lands you control, was reduced from 4G to 2G.
  • Wizard Class: The level three mana cost that places a +1/+1 counter  on a target creature whenever you draw a card, was reduced from 4U to 2U.
  • Demilich: The skeleton wizard had its stats buffed from 4/3 to a 4/4.

The Alchemy format within MTG Arena will launch on Dec. 9. All buffs and nerfs will also go into effect on Dec. 9 with the release of Alchemy and the 63 new digital-only Magic Arena cards.